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An over 50s policy is a whole-of-life insurance policy designed to leave your loved ones with a tax free lump sum in the event of your death. This lump sum could be used to pay for funeral costs, household bills or simply as a financial gift for your family.

Over 50s life insurance is available to UK residents aged 50 to 80. With an over 50s policy there is no medical required and acceptance is guaranteed. You decide on your monthly premium and the provider will show you what pay-out to expect. This could be ideal if you’re looking for a life insurance policy where you choose what you want to pay and no medical checks are needed.

Understanding what the insurance is for

How does an over 50s policy work?

There are three big factors that determine how much cover you’d be able to take out: Your age Whether you're a smoker What premium you'd like to pay each month i.e. £10, £15, £20 etc You pay your agreed monthly premium either until you die, or until you reach 90 and then when you eventually pass away, the policy will pay out. Bear in mind that your policy may have a deferred period, typically 12 to 24 months. The amount paid out during this period will vary by provider, so be sure to check the policy details. If you’ve set your policy up in trust it will go to whoever you named as a beneficiary.

Over 50s life insurance are purely insurance plans and as such have no investment element to them meaning they will never have a cash-in or surrender value - so if you stop paying your premiums you won’t get anything back

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Things you need to know

  • The total payments you make for your insurance might exceed the amount of your insurance, depending on when you die.
  • The amount you pay will insure you for depends on your age and smoking history when you take out the insurance.
  • If any payment remains unpaid for more than 30 days, we'll stop your insurance and you'll no longer be insured, unless you qualify for the protected insurance amount.
  • Inflation will reduce the spending power of any money paid in the future.
  • If you're purchasing this insurance to cover your funeral expenses, it may not provide enough money to cover the full cost.
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